Nestled in the heart of our community, Cegin Hedyn is more than just a canteen; it’s a movement. As a volunteer-run canteen deeply committed to making a difference. Our “pay what you can” philosophy ensures that everyone has access to nutritious, delicious meals, regardless of financial means.

Our menu is a celebration of local, seasonal, and organic produce, showcasing the rich flavors and bounty of our region. Each dish is lovingly prepared by our dedicated volunteers, bringing a touch of home-cooked warmth to your plate. Cegin Hedyn isn’t just about food; it’s about fostering a sense of community and belonging. We’re a hub where friendships are formed, stories are shared, and meals are enjoyed in a spirit of generosity and inclusivity.

Join us at Cegin Hedyn, where every visit supports our mission to nourish bodies, hearts, and souls, and strengthens the bonds within our community.

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photo of the front of the english baptist church, Carmarthen

Opening Times

Tuesday 12pm – 2pm

Thursdays 6pm – 7pm

Meet the core team

Cyflwyniad i’r tim craidd


Celia Strange – Director

lives in Llansteffan. She involved herself at once in the nascent ferry company Carmarthen Bay Ferries, becoming a Director. Celia is a keen vegetable gardener (and eater) and has recently established a woodland plantation near to her home.

frank duffy

Frank Duffy – Director

Passionate about addressing the structural inequalities in our society and for a long time has wondered what can be done in a small way to break these down. Cegin Hedyn has given Frank the opportunity to use their skills to help get delicious food in people’s bellies, address food waste and provide a cosy meeting space for their community to meet feeling privileged to be involved.

Martin Dalling

Martin Dalling – Director

Martin is the minister of The English Baptist Church. Martin has been heavily involved in Cegin Hedyn since its establishment in 2022 & became a director in 2023.

frank duffy

Phillip John – Director

Phil is the manager of The Lammas Street Centre & also a committed volunteer at Cegin Hedyn since its establishment in 2022. He became a director in 2023.

Deri Reed – Founder

Chef & Restrauteur of The Warren, Deri is committed to using local, seasonal & organic ingredients. Deri set up this project to make sure everyone had access to healthy & nutritous food.


 Dr Llinos Williams – Director

Llinos has lived in the Carmarthen area for the last fifteen years and works as a GP in the Gwendraeth Valley. As a doctor Llinos appreciates the positive health impact of offering nutritious meals for everyone.

ein cyfnogwyr / our supporters

Noddwyr / Sponsors


Watson & Pratts

Manwerthwr a chyfanwerthwr organig

Organic retailer & wholesaler


Fferm organig

Organic farm

Frank Duffy

Dylunio graffeg a darluniadau

Graphic design and illustration


Rhostio coffi

Coffee roastery

The Warren



The National Lottery

Cronfa Gymunedol

Community Fund



Chris Thomas Fruit and Veg

Carmarthenshire County Council

Moonbrook Farm

Supreme Master Ching Hai

Celia’s Garden